Digital identity represents a powerful key to inclusive growth.

Digital identity represents a powerful key to inclusive growth.

Universal by design — mobile identity for anyone, anywhere.

Identity is more than a name on a piece of paper – we believe it’s defined by the ability to access essential services. All of us have the right to open a bank account; to buy a home; to start a business; to cast a ballot; and to see a doctor.

As the world demands digital delivery of products and services, Element is delivering a persistent, private, and portable unique digital identity designed with intention.

One Frictionless Platform

As the first modern AI company focused on digital identity, Element laid the foundations for deploying deep learning on mobile devices. Our state-of-the-art solution learns directly from natural features, recognizes changes in features over time, and works for everyone, everywhere.

Making the Foundational Functional

Digital Onboarding

Element makes new customer enrollment fast and frictionless, enabling companies to expand onboarding beyond traditional brick and mortar. By verifying customers in real-time against a legal ID or database, we automate customer onboarding without the need for a face-to-face interaction.

Identity Simplified


Element delivers fast, frictionless, and secure authentication for any transaction, replacing pins, passwords, and costly OTPs. Our solution integrates into any environment - enabling secure and cross-channel access regardless of connectivity.

Control with Convenience

Data Sovereignty

Our partners choose to work with us because we deliver faster access without compromise - securely connecting anyone to any service while retaining the right to privacy. We support the identity life cycle without having to rely on PII or transactional data - and co-create fit-for-purpose solutions with our partners.

We're helping to build more efficient and inclusive societies

We partner with forward-thinking financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations to transform how they deliver their services.

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