Indonesia: 17,000 islands, the fourth-most populous country in the world, and the largest GDP in Southeast Asia.

With growing access to financial services, Indonesians are embracing one of the fastest, large scale digital transformations in the world. From ride sharing to online shopping to booking travel with five unicorn companies created in five years, over 91 million Indonesians are transacting on mobile devices. 

Despite this transformation, more than half the country remains unbanked - not from a lack of desire, but a lack of access. This hasn't gone unnoticed.

Bank BRI and Bank BCA, two of Indonesia's largest banks, are bridging the gap - building over 10,000 outlets, deploying more than 400,000 agents, setting sail with boat branches, and even launching the world's first bank-owned and operated satellite. Now, these banks are delivering a game-changing solution: Element.

At Element, we've developed a digital identity solution that works on any device to connect more Indonesians to financial services and improve the customer experience.

BRI, the People's Bank of Indonesia, already serves a staggering 75 million customers across the archipelago. But to serve those who can't easily reach physical branches, BRI has teamed up with Element to deploy Southeast Asia's first facial recognition-based eKYC solution. With a simple selfie, that can verify one's identity against the civil registry, Indonesians now have an immediate, cost-effective way to open a bank account or access credit. Once enrolled, a simple selfie can be used to authenticate any transaction. 

Bank Central Asia, one of Southeast Asia's largest financial institutions, is embedding Element's solution to make verifying transactions easier and safer. BCA is eliminating frustrating and cumbersome pins, passwords, and OTP tokens with a simple selfie. Now, with Element, not only is BCA streamlining and securing transactions, it is transforming the traditional role of a bank - opening the door to a broader ecosystem of products and services.

Alongside partners like BCA and BRI, Element is unleashing the potential of identity for a frictionless future.